Do you really guarantee data?


TDMS has a data collection success rate of 100%. All installations have succeeded in collecting start up data required for torsional testing. We get the data, or your install is free.

Does TDMS satisfy NEIL's torsional testing requirements?





How many axial locations are needed on the turbine?

One, we can gather superior data from anywhere on the rotor train using one TDMS unit on a single axial location.

Do you support Nuclear Mod Package development?

Yes, we have a complete package of information ready for Nuc applications.

Does TDMS require additional outages?

Absolutely not, TDMS can be active on the rotor indefinitely as there are no batteries to replace.

How long does a TDMS installation take?

Tdms can be installed in less than an 8-hour shift.

Is this technically better than optical and tip timing approaches?

Yes, TDMS has the highest signal to noise ration possible by means of direct strain and acceleration measurement.

Who analyzes the data?

Our team includes industry recognized analytical experts who have decades of experience in steam and hydro turbine generator dynamics.

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