AEP DC Cook Unit 2 install

This was a particularly challenging telemetry installation that we had the pleasure of solving for AEP nuclear. The installation was conducted in-situ in a bearing housing betwixt an oil deflector plate and the housing wall. The cook bearing 5 site was the grave of previous mortal attempts at telemetry measurements- This was a job for TDMS. 

Axial clearance was a premium with under 5″ for installation space at a location expecting up to 1.5″ axial thermal growth.

Adding to the challenge, the installation required FMEA practices.

We were able to install two redundant telemetry which survived through an extended power ascention and lasted until a generator upgrade when the telemetry was decomissioned. The conditions in the bearing housing were up to 250F with a continual oil spray. The droplet erosion did not destroy the TDMS telemetry despite clear signs of erosive bombardment after 18 months.

During the generator upgrade, a new TDMS telemetry was installed on the generator rotor for additional torsional testing to satisfy risk managenent requirements. 

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