TDMS torsional vibration system featured in report by Energiforsk

We would like to extend a thank you to Harold Breitbach of Energiforsk Thermal Engineering Research Institute for including our TDMS system in their report about torsional vibrations in nuclear steam turbine applications.

“Vibration problems in nuclear power plants can originate from different
sources. One of these is torsional vibrations in shaft trains, which have become
more interesting in the recent years. Electricity production in the grid is more
and more performed by sources like wind and solar functioning without large
rotating masses. Also, the structural optimization of shaft trains has gone very
far, leading to reduced margins and some combined lateral torsional vibration
phenomena have been observed…

This report deals with torsional vibrations in shaft trains, describing possible root
causes and existing vibrational design criteria. A collection of practical experiences
related to torsional vibrations in shaft trains is given. It also presents different
kinds of measurement methods and deals with potential measurement & monitoring systems. Furthermore, an overview on mitigation measures, which are divided
in procedures and commercial systems, is given. Finally, a guide for conceptually
detecting and solving torsional vibration problems is provided.”

See the full report here:


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